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No Visas for Pinoy, Really?

The pinoys are almost always suspected of intending to work in a foreign country under the guise of tourism. I truly hate that especially because I am pinoy. Who can blame foreign policy makers from other countries for feeling suspicious?  There are indeed a lot of stubborn pinoys who work abroad without proper visas. Unfortunately, […]

You Don’t Need a Travel Agent

forget about getting a travel agent–just open your internet and do it yourself. I know it can be overwhelming but trust me it can be fun and in many instances will save you money. It is in the travel agent’s interest to sell the most expensive tickets when your goal is to get the cheapest. […]

Do Yourself a Favor – Get a Passport

if you are Filipino but not an OFW aka Filipino expat, then my guess is that you don’t have a passport. I can’t blame you if you’re a bit embarrassed. But it is not uncommon in this country. In the States, only 10% of the population have a passport. (Anthony, if you’re reading this, yes […]

Where Can You Go with Your Passport?

the general public, particularly Filipinos, might believe that Americans enjoy the highest travel freedom ranking. In fact, it only ranks #5 in the Henley visa restriction index, lagging behind several scandinavian countries and Japan. American passport holders can visit 169 countries visa-free while the Danish, Finnish and Swedish are visa-free in 173 countries. Perhaps in another post, […]