About Ms. MemoryGap

My name is Chris. I’m from one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. Don’t ask me to name all 7,107 of them or even to attempt to go to all of them. With 1 island per month rate it would take more than 500 years to complete it. Now who has the time and money to do that?

I’ve been to some of the most beautiful and popular ones such as the ever so famous party place Boracay, the romantic getaway Palawan, the next business district Cebu, the mysterious witchcraft shrouded Siquijor, the former Japanese base and now Greece-inspired Elephant Island and the exotic dive place Apo Island.

If you happen to be traveling to the Philippines and would like some insider tips, read on and do send me a note.

Why Ms.Memory Gap? 

Once upon a time I was sitting under a coconut tree and fruit fell and hit my head. Since then I had problems remembering things. On a daily basis I struggle to recall where I placed my keys, my cellphone, my vitamins, my appointments and God forbid my money. I love traveling and most of the time I don’t recall where I have been a month after.

So Why Blog?

This is my crazy attempt to track and even reflect on the things I have done and the places I have been to. It’s no fun to be forgetful. My husband can attest to that. I don’t know how he puts up with my fractured memory. Boy, that guy really loves me.

Since I travel a lot (but still not as much as I would like to) this is a good way to keep my family posted. In countries like China, you can forget about logging into Facebook to tell your mom that you’re still alive.

How about texting? P15/ 160 character message doesn’t really cut it. I usually reserve that when I’m heading back and need to be picked up in the airport. The airport cabs here are real sharks so I shamelessly assign my parents or my brother to drive to the airport for pick.

Doing this blog also saves me time in re-telling my friends what I’ve been up to or suggesting to them where and where not to go. I’ve been maintaining a travel photoblog for years but now I feel the need to add some text content. The layout of the photoblog doesn’t match my storytelling style.

Hence, the Blog.

Warning on the Content

I have a love-hate relationship with my country. That would be very evident in my posts. Expect to read a lot of posts desperately talking about my attempts to get away- to get out of Manila or to get out of the Philippines, and being relieved by my success to do so.

On the other hand, I can’t stop gushing about how beautiful my country is – the beaches, the underwater world, the rivers, the rice paddies, the mountains, and once in a while the food and the people. In the 18 countries I have been to, I have not seen a more stunning beach than ours. So far!

The Corporate Slave

Unlike other travel bloggers, I am still a corporate slave so I don’t get to update this blog regulary.  I’ll be lucky if I even get to sleep for 6 hours.

I’m a Digital Strategy Manager who works like a carabao. I’m glued to my iPhone and Macbook answering emails. Aside from going to the office Monday-Friday, I even work in my dreams.

That leaves weekends and holidays for travel. We, employees, like the fact that the Philippines observes more than the usual number of holidays. This year we’re expecting 25.

As cool as my job is, I do not get paid for blogging so all my posts are my thoughts and my responsibility and in no way associated with my employer.

My German Fascination

A seemingly harmless decision I made in college changed my life forever in a big way. Who would have thought that in 2006, I’d end up in Vienna learning the language in more depth and enjoying the palaces and the Apfelstruedel. How lucky!

My last visit to Vienna was Christmas of 2010, a few months before I got married. The year before that, my now husband was also there at the same time I was but we didn’t know each other then. Destiny!

I’ll be blogging in English most of the time. Do expect some posts to be a mix of the 3 languages I speak – English, Tagalog, and German. Maybe, if blogging is still alive in 10 years, I’ll have some posts in Russian and French.


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