Fly Out Friday to Hong Kong

As I love flying out of town and particularly out of the country on Fridays and crossing my fingers that Monday becomes a holiday, making the Fly Out Friday stories a series make a lot of sense. I’m also sure I’m not the only one who ‘s constantly on the look out for cheap and easy weekend getaways.

preparing for our upcoming thailand trip

Reminiscing Fly Out Friday to Hong Kong & Macau

I’m in love with airports and airport romance.Nothing makes my heart beat faster than being in the airport and waiting for my flight.

A year ago, the hubby left for Yanjin for work. We decided to rendezvous in Hongkong that Friday. As usual I only had a backpack with my essentials.

While I was busy imagining this romantic meet-up at the Hongkong airport, I got an unexpected call from a Singapore based interviewer. If she weren’t calling from abroad, I would have immediately requested for a call back the following week. Shocked and intrigued, I took the call which lasted from the cab ride to the immigration window. Perfect timing!

No Hotel Just a Bunny

After walking perhaps 5 blocks twice, we were only able to find the rink bunny but not our refuge. Yes, the world is indeed small especially for my jetsetter partner who never fails to run into people he knows in airports and cities around the world. Unfortunately, this rink bunny was also unable to point us in the right direction. Weary and hungry, I recommended that we dine first before continuing our hunt. I think it was the Macau Portuguese egg tarts that brought us back to our brilliance.

truly addicting

Crackberry vs Bunny

As the local bunny was unable to rescue us, our salvation came from the crackberry. Fueled by the Portuguese egg tarts, I remembered that we were carrying this thing with unlimited international data plan.

Walking around the City

After getting some sleep and a mediocre hotel breakfast, we headed out for a stroll in the city with no particular itinerary in hand except a quick stop at that egg tart place.

Hongkong is in some ways very much like Manila, populated with skyscrapers, cars, and people. It even seemed like there were as many Filipinos as Chinese.Was that a surprise?

But with all the bright lights at night, the city reminds me of New York.

we should replace our buses with the double deckers to unclog edsa

not much private cars on the road

The Exchange Square seemed to be the IT place for pinoy weekend tambayan session

this looks like a party. san mig anyone?

Buying from the Expensive to the Exotic

Hong Kong as every pinoy knows is the shopping center of the world, next to Greenhills. Which makes one wonder if the high-end designer shops in Hong Kong really sell authentic items…

arriving at the high street

to buy or not to buy

and the dilemma continues

now it must end

On the other side of town are stores which offer goods that beat even the most popular brands.

where they dry and sell “medicines” for every malady from the common cold to impotence

looks yummy or is it deadly?

packed like they’re meant to be eaten?

the tango

Historic Buildings in Hong Kong

One would think that Hong Kong is only interested in commerce but it’s refreshingly surprising to know that it has also preserved some key areas as part of cultural heritage like the Plaza Miserere, now known as the Western Market, the oldest surviving market building in the city. Their Urban Renewal Authority even recorded 101 Monuments. I have yet to find out how many in Macau and Manila.

Des Voeux Rd South facade

Connaught Rd Central Facade

Inside the market, you will find Chinese textile dealers,bakeries, and restaurants

looking for a chinese local dress

i’m guessing she’s waiting for the german boyfriend

The Real Deal

We flew to Hong Kong NOT for a vacation but to replace an unconfigured cabinet which Jeff bought in Ikea nearly 9 months before. I bet nobody guessed that.

the ride to heaven

those pillows were on sale so we simply had to fly them home


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