Missing Paris on Bastille Day

I wish I were in Paris today to celebrate La Fête Nationale- watch the military parade, the musical performances, the spectacular fireworks, the Tour de France and eat crepes and macarons non-stop.

Well thanks to Cafe Breton and Bizu, the crepe and macaron craving can be addressed even here in the Philippines. And I can go to Paris Delice for an Eiffel miniature viewing.

The Eiffel Tower from Eye Sore to Icon

Initially considered by 19th century artists like Guy de Maupassant as an eye sore, now romance movies are incomplete without even a single scene in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

our very own romantic scene with the Eiffel but not your usual Trocadero district shot

With 250 million visitors in 2010, it’s ranked by Guinness as the most visited paid structure in the world. It stands 320 meters — 70 meters taller than Gramercy Residences, currently the tallest in the Philippines.Climbing up its 1655 steps will take off those calories you’ve gained from overindulging in oh so scrumptious French bread, cheese, and wine. Could that the reason why French women are so thin?

hot chocolate on a cold day

a taste of heaven in Paris

the unboxing of the fromage

Forever Young at the Louvre

My Asian blood most of the time is a cause for discrimination but sometimes just sometimes it works to my advantage. After paying full price for the Louvre Museum tickets, I heard a voice calling me back to the counter which annoyed me. To my surprise, they were reimbursing me. They wanted to give me a free ticket thinking that I was just 18. I was about to take it but the husband gave me that evil look so, under duress I corrected the attendant and revealed my real age. But I swear even after that her look of disbelief lingered.

waiting in line to get tickets to Louvre Museum and definitely looking 18

Even at adult priced tickets, the Louvre Museum is definitely worth the spend and the time.

so happy have gotten a good picture of the WInged Victory

the Mona Lisa was guarded by balding men in suit and by this special glass that bounces off camera flash so it was a bit challenging to get a good and clear photo of it. nonetheless, i think i did a good job

my next stop should be Egypt. This will do for now

i’m not really sure what he’s doing here but that’s how it is with him all the time

Ageless Triumph in Arc de Triomphe

The day after, the same thing happened in Arc de Triomphe. I was offered a student discount which made me smile as I declined the offer.

under the arc

ok, i might look young but climbing up did make me feel old

amazing view of Paris at Night from the Arc

Just Lollipops for the Ladies

6 years ago at a local restaurant in Vienna the name of which I cannot remember, after dinner the waitress gave all the other adults at my table a shot of plum wine and I ended up with a lollipop. I don’t normally like screaming to the world my age but that plum wine was sure worth it.

No Damn Hunchback in Notre Dame

It was night time when we went to Notre Dame so I didn’t get to see the small sculpture of Quasimodo. According to the Telegraph, Quasimodo might have been a real person who Victor Hugo met when he was writing his novel. That gave me goosebumps!

Since Bastille Day 2012 is now history, I might as well finish this blog and talk about Paris more in a new post. I promised the hubby that I’ll take him to the barbershop for his much needed grooming.


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