Fly Out Friday to Singapore

Yes, it is a love-hate relationship with my country and not with Jeff. And the hate part is getting more intense so I had to get out soon. Not just out of Manila but out of the Philippines. And it had to be quick!

Fly Out Friday to Guangzhou

The hubby was headed to Central Asia for another meeting so the initial plan was for me to haul my sexy ass to some point in China where we could rendezvous sometime in May or early June. After what happened in Beijing a month prior, Guangzhou seemed to be the more logical choice for a meet-up.

This was me very exhausted and dismayed sitting on the floor at the Beijing airport after missing our connecting flight to Manila. the red round stickers were given to us by the Air China crew to indicate that we were passengers in a hurry to catch our flight

As much as I always want to be with the hubby, somehow I still find it romantic to have that rendezvous moment— meeting your lover in a foreign country, in a foreign city. (Paris, anyone?)

Guangzhou did not happen and returning to Paris was out of the question.

Time was passing — the weekends more quickly than the weekdays, and I was getting more stressed than ever especially without an escape in sight. May ended with me being stuck in the Philippines and I was not gonna let June end the same way.

Fly Out Friday to I DON’T Know??

Wednesday, June 20 we decided we’re going to Singapore, a country we’d both visited a few  years ago but separately.

my birthday week in singapore with my fire-walking friends

The USD600 travel vouchers from United which we got from our spring visit to the US after we sold our seats back to the airlines when they overbooked will have to be used for another trip.

the flight dates and time were perfect for our fly out friday plan

Our SINful fly out friday flight cost us USD 423.96

pretty good deal

Singapore weekend was truly Relaxing

Arriving at a very organized airport, we immediately got a taxi which brought us to the Intercon. The taxi driver got us there in a prompt and polite fashion. None of your usual, sir padagdagan na lang po plus a litany of his family’s financial problems, like the cab drivers here. I also love their high tech payment system. You can easily monitor the distance and the cost of the trip and pay via credit or debit card. My bro said Davao will have a similar taxi system soon. Kudos to that!

Quite peaceful. Can weekends be 5 days instead?

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die (or go back to work)

Following a travel itinerary can be like work at times (I’m recalling our US trip in April), and when you’re just tired, a walk around town might be just the perfect way to relax.

we chanced upon a former chapel built in the 1840s which was converted to a commercial establishment with restaurants and boutiques

it makes me smile whenever i see foreign chambers around the world as it reminds me of the time when i just met the hubby

after a long walk it’s time to get some refreshments

Sea-Side Seafood Regale with Roshini

i’m drooling right now :p

Thank you Singaporean Government for the fireworks, made our evening extra entertaining.

Looking forward to a Fly Out Friday to Bangkok 🙂


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