Couldn’t Resist a Discounted Flight Back to the States

Having traveled to the States for Christmas holiday, I thought it would take another year or two for us to head back there. It turned out to be a scant 3-months. The cost is usually prohibitive but the discounted business class tickets they offered in the SMX Travel Fair sure did make us change our minds.

Entering the gold mine. I knew we would never come out without a treasure and boy I was right.

A round trip business class ticket from Manila to New York is normally USD 5,000 (Php 215,000) more or less. We luckily found a USD 2,000 Manila to Los Angeles so the hubby proposed that we take that route to get to New York.

Kinda crazy, huh?

Well, you can’t expect anything else from my guy.

On estimate, we spent USD 2,500 (Php 107,500) per person to fly to

Manila- Beijing – Los Angeles – New York business style.

That’s half the usual price!

The Manila- Beijing- Los Angeles flight was from Air China and our Los Angeles- New York we got from United. Air China’s business class seats and service were fantastic but I still prefer United’s. Now, this is the good life.

Flying from New York to Beijing via Air China business class. We got leg room, pajamas, slippers, pillows, blankets, kikay kit, and overflowing pescatarian food.

After giving us baby shrimps as appetizer they served us this luscious lunch.

there’s always room for beautilicious dessert

After 30 hours of flying and the hubby puking, we finally arrived in our home sweet home in Jersey.

The evening before our flight the hubby got food poisoned at Bravo Restaurant along JP Rizal. The beer was good but the food seemed to have a special ingredient that night.

The husband was sick the entire evening up until the time we got to New York. My poor separated-shouldered food-poisoned boy refused to eat nor drink anything during the entire flight even water for fear of further aggravating his stomach.

To think that he actually just came from a Central Asian trip on the same day. (Talk about commitment!)

Here are some photos inside the VIP Lounge —

enjoying the sunrise and breakfast in the VIP lounge

all of these just for me. too bad the hubby was in no condition to feast

even the smell of food was enough to make him throw up again. look at him. oh poor thing

What was initially a 9-day trip turned into 10 after our connecting flight from Beijing flew off 15 minutes ahead of schedule, leaving us behind. I wouldn’t mind being stuck in US, Germany ,and Austria,and other English- and German-speaking countries where I can speak and understand the language. But China is another story.

The hubby and I are unfortunately, non-Chinese speakers and to make it more complex the Chinese airport and airline crew also struggled in speaking English. Air China staff even appeared to have had problems communicating with one another, which explains why our connecting flight was not held at the gate.

The hubby negotiating another connecting flight for us that would not entail downgrading which means No to PAL and Xiamen flights. Good thing he’s no amateur on this. He successfully got us a flight back to Manila through Hong Kong.

I have to say, the husband’s negotiation skills are unwarranted. Not only was he able to spare us of coach class flying, he was even able to upgrade our business seats to first class.

enjoying the first class ambiance and lighting

Your very own cubicle to ensure not only space but privacy.

hate that the hubby is in a separate cubicle

It was a whirlwind trip which was fun, crazy, disastrous and filled with hassles at times but it was definitely worth it.

If you chance upon discounted flights go ahead and treat yourself. I’d also appreciate if you can share with me where you got it 🙂



  1. princessmarga · · Reply

    Whoa! 🙂 Seems like a good deal. Even the Beijing mishap turned into a good one! 🙂 The foodies made me hungry!

  2. princess marga,

    mind you, hauling 4 huge overweight luggages was no fun. we had to check out and move to a hotel (a really dingy one) then head back to the airport the next day and re-check the bags. you should always watch out for the travel expos. they have really really great deals.

    you planning to go somewhere? where would you like to go?

  3. […] arriving from the States. In February, we went to our favorite yearly travel expo in MOA which I blogged about. We were there to look for good price flights to Moscow but in the process ended up buying tickets […]

  4. […] arriving from the States. In February, we went to our favorite yearly travel expo in MOA which I blogged about. We were there to look for good price flights to Moscow but in the process ended up buying tickets […]

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