Cheap Flights To Kota Kinabalu, Anyone?

There is nothing more exciting than finding a really good deal online! When I say deal, it has to be a flight out of the Philippines particularly to a country that wouldn’t require a visa. (check list of visa-free countries here)

Everyone should be able to travel. Life without it is just really sad. Almost everybody thinks that travel is expensive. Well, that’s completely untrue. Just like other things in life (say a car, clothes, or a pair of shoes), travel can be expensive. It can also be affordable, depending on certain factors like destination, time of year, class of travel, etc. One can get a Toyota or a Kia instead of a Ford. You can buy a dress at Forever21 instead of shopping at Zara. A pair of shoes from SM’s Parisian is definitely more affordable than in Cole Haan. The same thing is true for travel. Yes, even for international trips.

If you want to go to Hong Kong, Singapore, China or Malaysia on the cheap, you can take the local airlines which offer international flights such as Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. If you are keen enough to actually sign up for their newsletters, you might even get lucky to spot flights on promo. By the way, forget about Philippine Airlines aka PAL, they really suck. Delayed flights, make that super delayed flights, old ugly disorganized terminal, and incompetent ground attendants. Bad experiences are an exception to the msmemorgap rule!

So too are good experiences… and email archives. In 2010, it was May 17 to be exact. I was fortunate to book this really cheap flight to Kota Kinabalu for only P2,665. That’s round-trip including baggage, too! My game plan was to stay for 5 days, climb Mt.Kinabalu, go trekking, and of course beach beach beach with my cousin.

I decided to fly in on the 9th of August and come back late afternoon of Friday the 13th — do you think triskaidekaphobia drives down airfares? The normal round trip ticket cost from Manila to Kota Kinabalu at that time was around P10,000, so that was really a great deal! A total bargain!

A few minutes ago, I went to Cebu Pacific website to replicate the flight. Apparently, they have nothing on sale now as the round trip cost for a 5-day trip was P8,118.49 without baggage allowance and an additional P700 for 15kg bag 2-way. That’s a lot of money. But don’t lose hope, with much perseverance, you will be able to find something really affordable.

Upon further exploration of the website, I saw their regional destinations sale. A round trip ticket to Macau was just P2,900 + only for a weekend get-away. Fly out Friday evening and return Sunday evening late September. This is perfect for professionals like me.

By the way, here are some of the photos from my Kota Kinabalu trip and visit to Macau. Instead of conquering Mt.Kinabalu, I ended up feeling the clouds on my face parasailing… Have you been so fortunate to spot and book a really cheap international flight?

berringis resort kota kinabalu rooms

starting the day with really good and heavy food!

super love the beach! white sand under my feet. sunglasses for the sun and warm water touching my skin

parasailing = beach + sky = HEAVEN

view of the Macau lighthouse and bridge


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