Where Can You Go with Your Passport?

the general public, particularly Filipinos, might believe that Americans enjoy the highest travel freedom ranking. In fact, it only ranks #5 in the Henley visa restriction index, lagging behind several scandinavian countries and Japan.

US passport holders can travel to 169 countries visa-free. how nice!

American passport holders can visit 169 countries visa-free while the Danish, Finnish and Swedish are visa-free in 173 countries. Perhaps in another post, I will explore the extent to which this travel freedom is exercised (only 10% of Americans are reputed to hold a passport).

Sadly, my dear Philippines still ranks behind at #70, a step below Thailand. Philippine passport holders such as myself can travel visa-free in 62 countries, less than our neighbors from  South Korea (163), Malaysia (158), and Hong Kong (149). Despite that, Filipinos are still found all over the world! With all due gratitude to our beloved OFWs, I do hope to see more Filipinos traveling abroad and not just migrating there to earn a living.

With this younger generation’s passion for adventure as well as the budding of cheap local airlines offering international flights, international tourism among Filipinos is growing.

I’m a Philippine passport holder and I’ve have been to 15 countries so far and I cannot wait to go to more. What kind of passport do you hold? Where have you traveled so far?



  1. Im a philippine passport holder and been to macau ones, hk(2), singapore(2), malaysia(1), thailand(2). Now im hir in uk and my first tym in europe. So far, been to 6 countries already. My next might be more on europe then latin then carribean if i will be lucky enough. Its just so good to travel and explore the world. Obe of my passions. Cheers

    1. Hi Choy,

      Thanks for dropping by. I hope you’re having a blast in UK. I love Europe particularly Austria. You should check Vienna out if you were able to secure a Schengen Visa.

      I don’t think I’ll get tired of going back to Vienna. Last time I was in there was Christmas of 2010. The weather was kinda brutal but being able to speak German and eat Aida Apfelstruedel were enough to compensate for the cold.

      Which parts of UK have you seen in the past few days? I would have to head there one of these days if work permits I take a break.

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