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weekend is all about being with who you love doing what you both love eating and drinking what you love hoping that it will never have to end

Light is how we’re traveling to Russia. I’m sure most ladies will agree with me that this is quite a daunting task especially because we need to look fab in all the location photos we take and that might entail having your entire closet right by your side. Maybe I should put up a wardrobe […]

Pre-Birthday Celebration in Russia The hubby asked me where I wanted to celebrate my birthday and in a heartbeat I answered Russia. One of the most interesting places in the world that I haven’t been to which also happened to be the hubby’s favorite country. I actually think that he was more excited about the […]

As I love flying out of town and particularly out of the country on Fridays and crossing my fingers that Monday becomes a holiday, making the Fly Out Friday stories a series make a lot of sense. I’m also sure I’m not the only one who ‘s constantly on the look out for cheap and […]

I wish I were in Paris today to celebrate La Fête Nationale- watch the military parade, the musical performances, the spectacular fireworks, the Tour de France and eat crepes and macarons non-stop. Well thanks to Cafe Breton and Bizu, the crepe and macaron craving can be addressed even here in the Philippines. And I can […]

Yes, it is a love-hate relationship with my country and not with Jeff. And the hate part is getting more intense so I had to get out soon. Not just out of Manila but out of the Philippines. And it had to be quick! Fly Out Friday to Guangzhou The hubby was headed to Central Asia […]